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Frequently Asked Question

No doubt, China is one of the biggest importers in the world. India imports a large number of goods from China. Many small to big businesses in India depend on China for their products. We have collected some top FAQs that you may want to know while importing from China.

What do you import from China?

Justbuysell is a leading service provider for your Import shipments from China to India. You can import all types of products from China ranging including electronics, toys, garments, footwear, gadgets, furniture, heavy machines, and things you can think of. We offer customized product import services considering your needs.

What are the steps to import products wholesale from China?

  • Register your legal entity in India
  • Need the tax registration
  • Need the IEC code registration
  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery)
  • FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load)
  • POD (Port of Destination)
  • RMB (Renminbi)
  • PI (Proforma Invoice)
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities)

How do you help me to find suppliers in China?

We are well associated with leading suppliers in the country for more than two decades. Our B2B relationship aims to provide you with the best quality products at competitive prices. As a middleman, we contact suppliers and negotiate for prices of products on your behalf.

How do you give assurance of product quality?

Each supplier we contact and build a B2B relationship after analyzing their work history and reputation in the market. Moreover, we follow stringent quality tests from various levels to ensure the quality of each product.

Do I need to travel to China for paperwork and any other business-related work?

No, there is no need to do any of those things. Once you connect with us, we handle all types of documentation, production selection, and transport or import-related work from China to India.

How does my product import from China?

We are well connected to leading shipping, air transport, and carriers in China. Your product will import through vehicle, shipping, or air transport mode. It depends on the product quantity and the sensitivity of the product.

Do I need to come to your service center to collect my products?

We understand how busy you are. You don’t need to come down to our service center to collect your products. We provide doorstep service to save time and money.

How much time do you take to transport products from China?

We aim to provide products timely at your doorstep, but we request you to order in advance because the import process requires various steps including product selection, production inspection, loading of products, and paperwork. If you are a new customer, transportation may take more time than usual.

How much product can I import from China?

We are capable of importing products in bulk. You are free to order in quantity. Our strong network and team of experts will handle bulk product import efficiently.

Do you offer services to small businesses?

Our target is to help all types of businesses whether it is small or big. No business is small for us. We serve retailers, manufacturers, and corporate.

Buying from Wholesale Markets in China?

Many times people ask us why do we need to buy from a wholesale market why not directly go to the factory to buy the products that we need. The simple answer to this question is when you need more variety of products with less Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) wholesale market is the right place for you to buy. We can take a total order size of as small as USD 00 for you to start with importing from China to India.

Importing from China to India is it Safe?

I know where this question is coming from. The question is will India stop businesses from importing from china. Theoretically, India cannot restrict import from any country who are registered in WTO. So Importing can be a Long term business. 

Can India Ban Import from China?

India can’t impose a blanket ban on all imports from China. But it is possible to introduce anti-dumping duties and safeguard mechanisms on certain products to protect consumers and producers based on factual evidence.

As per the procedure for imposing anti-dumping duties, affected industries have to give the government data on the imports of specific products with the tariff codes.

“Then we investigate and if facts are proven, then those items, we can impose an anti-dumping duty,”

“A blanket ban on all imports from a country through a single instrument is impossible,”

Why is China cheaper than India?

China is known for making products economical (Not Cheap!). The real reason for products being cheaper than other parts of the world is cheap skilled hardworking labour and economy of scale with mass production capacity.

Yes, Chinese Salaries have grown multi-folded in the last couple of years and even though they are very much still able to compete in price; Strange isn’t it. Following are the points that explain why

  1. The economy of Scale – Chinese factories have been mass-producing products they work mostly at full capacity making it optimum price point.
  2. Labour Skill and Incentives – Most factories incentivise their labour based on the quantities they produce. Factories pay a small basic salary and pay them additional based on quantities they produce in a Day.
  3. Automation – most medium and large factories have opted for fully automatic machinery.
  4. Labour Working hours – Compared to Indian Labours Chinese labour work faster with fewer breaks and socialising during working hours their speed and efficiency is always high as they are incentivised based on their performance.
  5. Cheaper Capital Assets and Funding – It’s way easier to start a factory in China with simple laws that make it easier for entrepreneurs to thrive in China as compared to India where there are so many regulations and interventions of govt making it difficult and time consuming hence the capital required to start is lesser.
  6. NO R&D – Ofcourse most products are either copied from western brands or inspired by them so R&D cost is nearly zero.
  7. Govt subsidiaries and tax rebate – many sectors have govt subsidiaries and many have tax incentives to export. while India is still catching up on it …
  8. Logistics – Salaries are not the major costing factor in production, logistics play a major role. China has SEZ in every area specialised in a particular product. there are cities that only manufacture certain products hence finding raw material or semi-finished goods is much easier and cost-effective.

Hence most products are Economical to buy from china to India. Let us know what product you are interested in buying we shall help u find a suitable source.

How to Import goods?

Steps of Importing

  1. Identifying the Source(s) (Supplier/Factory)
  2. Pricing, Negotiation, Sampling, Sales Contract
  3. Inspection, Packing, Loading, Documentation and Export Formalities
  4. Trucking, Customs Clearance, Forwarding, Shipping
  5. Import Documentation, Customs Clearance, Customs Inspection and Formalities
  6. Trucking & Transportation to your Door Step.

Wedoimport will assist you in every step of import. Import process made so simple even a start-up can start importing from day one. Leave it to us we shall make your import from china to India easy and simple.

What are latest Chinese Products that I can Import?

Doing Research online or attending trade shows will help you know insight into Chinese Products. The latest and innovative products are showcased in trade shows in China. Let us know if we can help you find specific trade shows for your product category.